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Payment options

We accept all major credit cards, cash or check.

What insurance do you accept?

Currently we do not accept insurance. However many of our patients submit their claim to their carriers. We will be happy to provide all needed documents to assist you.

What's the difference between an optometrist and an opthamologist?

In short, for routine care an optometrist is your best option. They will spend the most time with you accessing your needs and reworking your prescription if needed to get things right for you.


If you need surgery or have severe glaucoma then an opthamologist is your best bet.

Why do I need an eye exam every year?

According to the American Board of Optometry it is best to have your eyes checked annually to ensure the best eye health. 


However, depending on your circumstances you may or may not. If you are a glasses wearer and want to go a bit longer that may be all right. However we do not recommend this for contact lens wearers since they are applied directly to the cornea and this requires careful monitoring.

How Do I Place An Contact Lens Order?

Call our office and we will order your contacts for you. We can ship them to our office, your office or home. We can ship ground, expedited or overnight. Our prices are guaranteed to be competitive with all major retailers and online sources.

What about children?

We see patients of all ages from infants to adults. 


If you need to bring your child with you to your appointnment feel free to do so and we will make all accomidaitons we can.

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